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Previously Unpublished Harry Potter Illustrations by Mary GrandPre

In honor of Jo Rowling and Harry’s birthdays being today, here are some previously unpublished illustrations by the original American cover and chapter art artist, Mary GrandPre. They’re so beautiful!! There are a few more, which you can see here.

I’m obsessed with these. The artwork on the books did such a great job of setting that very uniquely Harry Potter atmosphere of whimsy and vibrance and… magic!

I’m so mad they’re reissuing the covers, I don’t like the new ones at all! I’m all for change but they’re literally just worse.

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Anonymous asked: i noticed your goodbye post in the cote tag. i think you have never been a real fan of cote if you feel betrayed by her. ncis goes downhill without her. and her career is going very well. stop being a bitch to her, you're a fake fan. never cared about her. cbs are the fuckers and losers. and we from bbc and cote's army will win and kick you in the ass. jealous bastard you. bet you won't reply.



What a friendly person you are, I must say. I’m amazed you know how to type because your vocabulary seems to be limited to insults only. I will fully reply to you and I’m afraid you’ll have to read a lot. Maybe your Mom is somewhere near you so she can help you. I’ll make various paragraphs so it will be easier to read for you.

- never been a real fan?
I started watching NCIS because of Ziva. I became a fan of Cote. I’ve spent 100 of hours in the past 8-9 years doing researches about Isreal, the Mossad and everything Ziva was about. I also spent the same amount of hours in those years learning more and more about Cote’s background, Chile and its history, culture and customs. I spent so many nights awake just to watch the new episodes or watched Award Shows online just because of her. I cried so many times into my pillow because of Cote. I spent thousands of Dollars to buy her movies and shows, to travel to Chile and just to learn more, to buy merchandise. I’ve spent so many hours voting for her whenever there was something to vote for. Now tell me again I’ve never been a real fan of her. Tell me.

- BBC / Cote’s Army?
Her departure broke my heart but I always refused to believe there was any bad blood between Cote, the cast, crew and the Network. I always respected her own decision to leave the show and I always respected her wish to keep the reasons private. BBC was created so recently after the news came out and it based on nothing but speculations. Others have said that multiple times and I agree with them.

  • they ignored Cote’s interview from November 2012
  • they ignore Cote’s own wishes
  • they encourage their followers to write Harmon, to drag him into their own fight. He has nothing to do with it.
  • they encourage people to boycott the show.
  • they encourage people to boycott over 300 hard working people
  • they are rude to everyone who doesn’t agree with them
  • they have been placing blame on everyone except for Cote
  • they make Cote look like a dependent, weak little girl who can’t make any decisions on her own
  • they justify their actions with own thoughts and opinions
  • they have NO FACTS!

When that campagne was created, I ignored them. But only until the day I had a certain person offering me money to join BBC! Since that day I hate them. And since that day I don’t ingore them anymore. I’ve made my very own experiences with people from both, BBC & Cote’s Army.
I always respected Cote, unlike BBC and CA!

- feeling betrayed?
How is that possible that I dare to feel betrayed by the innocent victim, also known as weak Queen Cote? Because I do!!

  • she wasn’t sure about wanting to come back at all (interview November 2012)
  • she has in no way been in contact with Mark Harmon since S10 ended (he confirmed to fans in May 2013)
  • weeks later she allowed him to announce they all will be back
  • her Agency had been doing the negotiations for her
  • they preapred the Season because she told them she will be back
  • she announced to leave shortly before Shooting for S11 started
  • she agreed on doing a closure for two episodes
  • then she limited the closure to 20 minutes and 1 episode (TELL ME AGAIN HOW MUCH SHE CARES ABOUT HER FANS!)
  • she left
  • Michael, Diane, Pauley, Brian, Sean, Harmon, Moonves, Glasberg, Tassler, CBS and many more people have been openly insulted, been verbally attackted multiple times because of Cote (TELL ME AGAIN HOW MUCH SHE CARES ABOUT HER NCIS FAMILY!)
  • she remained silent knowing all of this
  • one year later she goes back to CBS

The others are the real victims. Not Cote. Where is her huge film career? I don’t remember Michael, Sean or Brian tweeting about her being cast for The 33! Now they did tweet and ironically, made sure to mention it’s a miniseries on CBS! Says a lot.

She left NCIS because she was tired of playing an Israeli? Now she is playing what? An Israeli.

If you, or anyone else can still look up to her, congrats. I can’t. And I won’t pretend to do so just to please you. 8 years of being loyal and supportive torwards her, making her rich and and famous and all I get in return are tons of lies.

Remember how she thanked her fans for the add or other presents? Yeah, I do. I also remember it suddenly happened when the media picked up the negatvity her fans created or when someone openly talked negative about her.

The others work the same amount of hours or even more and don’t make so much drama! The others do their own stunts whenever they can as well and if they do get hurt, they don’t make so much drama. The others go to events although they work hard(er) and long(er) as well but they don’t make such drama.

Her hugely promoted Broadway career? Most of the things she did was when she went to acting school, nobody paid her to do anything. Whenever she was asked to do some theater work infront of a camera (by Michael or interviewer) she refused. Why? If she is so good she could have easily done that or? Michael can.

It also bugs me that the only reason why Cote’s character on NCIS was promoted that much because Shane and Cote went to school together and were friends and he didn’t like Michael and Mark that much so he pushed Ziva.

I ignored so many people who claimed to have insider knowledge, regardless if it was positive or negative. But since last year, I’ve learned so much about a woman I used to admire, I used to look up to. I’ve tried to hold on to her so many times but….

Sorry but enough is enough at some point. I’m not going to let that woman lie to me anymore, to use me just to keep that little flame of fame going on.

I’m hurting, I feel betrayed and used. And I have every right to do so. I know for sure I’m not alone. It’s not a decision I made. It’s a feeling. And that very feeling hit me when I read about Cote being cast for the miniseries on CBS. You can insult me all along, if it makes you happy. It won’t change my feelings torward a woman I thought was classy. I was wrong. And it took me so many years to realize that.

And yes, I’ll tag that. Bye bye Anon…..

I’ve been the same, sweety. I tried to ignore most things. But I couldn’t hide or control my doubts in Cote anylonger for quite a while.

Another thing again is the hypocity among the Cote fans: Feel free to tag everything negative, if it’s just an opinion or real hate, about CBS, the Cast and Crew, the writers etc. but don’t you dare to the same with Cote. Even better: Only speak when you want to praise her!

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Anonymous asked: I completely believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion, but could you PLEASE do me a favor and not tag your Cote hate. I just want to be able to go into the tag to celebrate the things I love, and while I understand you may get nasty or instigating anons, but tagging your responses with cote's name really ruins the tag for everyone who's trying to enjoy it. A preemptive thank you!



Before I reply, I have a question for you: Did you send those kind of messages to the Cote fans who spread their hate against NCIS, CBS, the cast and crew as well? Or is that only for so called Cote haters? Which is funny because I used to love and adore that woman. Just because I’m hurting because of her and feel betrayed by her I’m a hater?

Everyone is tagging their posts to keep their blogs “organized”. Everyone is tagging their posts to “share their opinion”. If it’s absolutely positive about Cote you now would kiss my ass and tell me how awesome I am. I have the right to post and tag what I want. Why should I, out of consideration for you and others, not tag my opinion about that woman? Especially since most of the Cote fandom never cared about anyone else and tagged their real hate in all possible tags. Why? I ruin the tag? Do me a favor and check all NCIS-related tags since July 2013 and then we can talk about “hate” and what really ruins a tag.

Another thing, why do you call my post hate? If I would hate on someone it would look a lot different my dear anon (why not coming off anon in the first place if you don’t look for your post to be tagged again?). I was expressing my feelings, my situation of hurting and how I see things that I have refused to see over the past year or even over the last 8-9 years. If that is hate in your eyes then I can’t help you.

*reblogging because I agree!

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Anonymous asked: I was honestly just asking you to be considerate of the people who like to use the tags properly. I didn't mean any harm, but if you're using the excuse "BBC doesn't tag their stuff that way, in consideration of others, so why should I?", then you're stooping to their level. And it's quite easy to organize your blog with another tag, like #CdP, or anything else. And I wasn't speaking of the NCIS tag, but Cote's tag. I was asking you to be considerate, but it sounds like it's too much to ask.



I usually only reblog. Without using the tags. I hardly tag anything but when I want to share my opinion with other Cote fans I’m not allowed to tag it with her name? Where is the point in reaching out to other Cote fans who feel similiar when that is not the “proper use” of the tag?

My post was NOT hate! It was the desperate and sad ending of a longtime fan. Where is that hate? I was explaining why I feel like that. It’s not hate.

Where did I use BBC in my reply? I was talking about Cote fans in general who have posted real hate = insulting others (including fans). Did I insult you or anyone? No. I wasn’t calling anyone names. I was simply expressing how I feel after that year and getting the news of Cote’s new job.

I was mentioning excuses from other people like the organizing the blog thing for example. Do you have any idea how many times I got that reply from Pauley Haters? From Harmon Haters? From Emily Haters? From Michael Haters? I could go on with that list. I told you why I tagged the posts. I don’t even organize my blog at all. A little look from you would have helped you.

If YOU would have come off anon to me I would have replied to you in private as I usually always do. But no, you come to me anonymously so I HAVE to respond openly to you again. You could have also easily blocked me. That would have been easier than writing me a message. But no, it’s better to come along anonymously and actually force me to reply openly.

Plus, other people have tagged their doubts either, did you write them as well? Or is it just me because I say what I think and it doesn’t please you? Tell me. I got so many messages from people who told me I’m brave for posting my feelings. Most people don’t even dare to say honestly openly what they think! What a shame is that? Do you know how many posts I had to see in the Cote tag that didnt please me? I used to check that tag daily my dear anon.

I’ve been a fan of Cote for so many years an I have the right to openly show my dislike and disappointment in her!

Come off anon and we can talk in private. Then nothing will be tagged. But I doubt you will. Was it too much to ask for you to come off anon?

*reblogging because I agree!

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Anonymous asked: How could Cote encourage fans to harass the actors of NCIS when she doesn't have any social media? Do you stalk her or something? That's the only way you would know anything about her online activities.



Her agency = they check the media’s
Her friends = they check, see or hear that
Her ex-colleagues = they TALKED to her about it!
Even fans wrote letters to Cote asking her to please say something, including links or screencaps of what happened.

The “she doesn’t have any social media” is just a poor excuse!

Dear Anon,

a couple of months ago I sent Cote de Pablo a letter. I was putting a few photos into the letter and asked for her to sign them. She did. She also replied to my letter and most of the questions and thanked me for her support. She did completely ignore the part of my letter in which I informed her about the classless behavior of some of her fans. There was no word from her about it. Not a single comment to the about 20 different screenshots I also included which have shown the nastieness of her fanbase. Don’t say she isn’t aware of those things. She is.

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Gibbs & Tony || [11-12|70]
NCIS 02x17 || An Eye for an Eye

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Sasha Alexander & Angie Harmon Rizzoli & Isles requested by Anonymous

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Pauley's Appearances || 2005

Entertainment Weekly’s Must List Party 06/16/05

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Emily for CBS Watch! Magazine 2014

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